Streamline mine safety processes across the globe

Project completed with Juicebox Creative

UX Planning & Design, UI Design

We worked with the global leader in mine safety technology to transform their manual inspection processes into a seamless digital experience.

Minearc case study example of chamber details screen.


Minearc Systems manufacture and supply refuge chambers for underground mines. The system needs to fully function underground and synchronise data when online.

Maintenance of mine safety chambers currently requires manual data input and analysis, consequently procedures are complex and time consuming, with increased room for human error.

Minearc case study example of lo-fidelity prototype.
Minearc case study example of hi-fidelity prototype.
Minearc case study example of planning and lo-fidelity prototyping.


Detailed discussions with the client helped us understand the existing processes and define the project goals. We took this research and identified key user journeys, documented system requirements and planned the information architecture.

We used conditional questions to simplify complex tasks and created clear progress markers to guide technicians through the audit process.

Technicians on site are primarily using tablet and mobile devices, with this in mind the user interface was optimised for touchscreen accessibility.

Minearc case study example of mobile designs for the audit process.


A reliable platform

An intuitive app that allows technicians to complete tasks offline and prompts them to sync when connected to the server.

Increased efficiency

Comprehensive tasks are presented in a simplified step-by-step process, streamlining the inspection process.

Improved risk management

A robust system to track the status of refuge chambers, identify potential risks and generate alerts when necessary.

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