Engage West Australians to better understand their energy usage

Project completed with Meerkats

Experiential UX, Touchscreen UI

We worked with WA's leading provider of electricity to create an experience that would educate users about their energy usage.

case study

Defining the problem

To demonstrate to the user how their energy bill compared to similar homes, we needed to collect data about the user's bill amount, size of home, location and number of residents.

The targeted user is busy, apathetic, habitual.

Firstly, how can we engage users to gather the data required to calculate these results?

Secondly, how can we impact their future habits?

The Process

During the ideation phase, each key question was interpreted in a playful and graphic way. Careful planning went into developing a custom set of UI elements that were optimised for large scale touchscreen, but also adaptable to desktop and mobile devices.

Large scale touchscreen interaction required the user's full body - we therefore needed to consider average height, arm span and field of vision. User fatigue was also a concern. We experimented with drag and drop, tapping and swipe interactions.

With an agile approach, we developed a prototype and invited users to test various journeys. These actions were observed, recorded and analysed.

case study
case study


A playful experience that delivered tangible results.

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