Engage West Australians to better understand their energy usage

Project completed with Meerkats

UX & UI Design, Accessibility, Large-Scale Touchscreen

We worked with the leading electricity provider in WA to create an experience that would educate users.

Synergy case study example of final product.


To show users comparative results and provide relevant advice, we needed to collect data about the size and location of their home, the number of residents and cost of recent bills.

How could we engage users to gather the data required to calculate these results?

Secondly, how can we impact their future habits?

Synergy case study example of early planning.
Synergy case study example of early planning.


The team worked closely to identify key personas and develop user journeys.

Each survey question was interpreted in a playful way to develop a custom set of UI elements that were optimised for large-scale touchscreens.

User fatigue was a concern and we considered average height, arm span and field of vision. We experimented with varying UI scale for ease of use, and explored drag and drop, tapping and swipe interactions.

A prototype was developed and users were recruited to test various journeys. These actions were observed, recorded and analysed to inform UX improvements in an iterative process.

Synergy case study example of survey question.
Synergy case study example of appliance form.
Synergy case study example of appliance list.
Synergy case study example of energy saving tip.



Large touchscreens were installed in busy shopping centres to engage users in a playful experience.

Increased awareness

Using comparative data with similar households, users were able to see the impact of their energy usage habits.


Relevant advice was provided to users based on their unique survey results.

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