Empower people living with disabilities to participate in sports

Project completed with Juicebox Creative

UX Planning & Design, Accessibility, UI Design

We worked with the WA Disabled Sports Association to engage and support organisers and individuals in the sporting community.

WADSA case study example of the hi-fidelity event search.


WADSA exists for clubs, schools and organisations to find advice & support, educate their staff, and increase community participation. It also aims to empower individuals with disabilities to join in events.

There are many types of events and activities, and these needed to be structured in an intuitive way. Play On events are NDIS funded, and this should be clearly communicated.

Event information was displayed in promotional images and not easily accessible, and registration was a time consuming, manual process. While it will always require individual assessment and interviews, we needed to remove the barriers to initiate this process.

The new online experience should be vibrant, engaging, and adhere to strict accessibility standards.

WADSA case study example of early planning.
WADSA case study example of early planning.
WADSA case study example of new site architecture.


Following interviews with stakeholders and an audit of the existing site content, we identified primary user groups and defined their goals. We began grouping content to simplify a complex amount of information. This resulted in an overhaul of the existing site architecture to help guide users to relevant experiences, events and resources.

The navigation was designed to target user needs, and the brands playful colour palette was helpful to visually separate types of events.

The design and development processes involved iterative testing to ensure strict accessibility criteria were being met; including colour, type & navigation requirements and screen reader compatibility.

WADSA case study example of mobile designs for the the home page navigation and registration process.


Increased engagement

An increase in site traffic, enquiries and Play On memberships.

An accessible experience

A new event system to help users easily filter and find relevant events and register their interest online.

Education & support

An improved site structure that allows users to easily access relevant information, workshops and further support.

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